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Start your remodel journey

quickly and with confidence!

Ready to renovate 

but no idea of the cost?

 Don't worry--you can find out this week!



  • Profession Design advice including cabinet layout ideas, and modification suggestions.

  • Room floor plan review and layout. 

  • Complimentary colors samples overnighted,  upon request. 

  • Learn about the DESIGN + BUILD process

  • Determine the best investment options 


Start your kitchen renovation journey

with confidence and a plan. 

Let us empower you in creating the dream home that has been your vision for so long. Use our FREE TRS Decisions Guide to organize you project. 


 Your home is important to us. If you are at the idea stage, or you are ready to hire your design + contractor team--we are here to support you. 

Break away from remodel overload today,  and let's get started on turning your kitchen space into a joyful one!

Everything you needed to start your project this week!

It's time to put your ideas into action and fully commit to the goal of creating your dream home.

Let's Pause A Moment...

I am pretty sure you didn’t start dreaming about your renovation project being tied to the idea overwhelm and stressful decision-making? 


You started thinking about a remodel because you want a stunning, functional, and organized kitchen, right?


You hoped to cook fabulous dinner meals, drink savory morning coffees, and have a comfortable space for friends, and family--AKA Dream HOME!


Then the remodel became more complex as reality set in... 


No idea where to start. Scrolling online for hours. Creating 63 Pinterest boards. Asking neighbors, friends, and family and getting multiple different opinions.


Your home is one of life's biggest investments.

It deserves a fabulous professional plan, doesn't it?

2G5A9935 copia.JPG

 20 minute phone chat or video chat about the same time it takes to drink a glass of lemonade.

  • First, fill out the form below

  • Check your email to schedule a call

  • TRS will also reach out to start the process.

We feel every client should have a chance to talk about their dream home and fully understand the process.

Have your questions ready and you will get our undivided attention. A free telephone/video  consult is a great opportunity to see if the project is a good fit.



Talk to you soon! 

Julie Hampton

Owner + Licensed Residential Contractor 

The Remodel Studio

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