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Three Important Factors When Selecting Durable Countertops For Your Kansas City | The Remodel Studio

Your kitchen gets used.......a lot. There is one thing that is a must have and that is durable hard surfaces.⁠There are three areas to focus on when it comes to selecting countertops: ⁠

⁠Heat resistance, ⁠scratch resistance, chemical resistance. Natural stone such as granite and man made tops such as quartz have different pros and cons when it comes to durability and use. Make sure to stay informed when selection tops for your kitchen renovation.

Pro Tip : Countertops are one of the first selections made when remodeling your kitchen and always come before cabinet paint. Make sure you also have your sink and faucet choice made early on.


Granite is heat resistant---you can put a hot pot on natural stone and it survive without scorching. Is it recommended? No---there is always the risk of thermal shock. Granite is not heat proof. Still--granite cracking from heat is unlikely.⁠

Quartz on the other hand, needs to be treated a bit different---in fact, it will scorch. Though many companies will label it heat resistant, the resin used as a binder will discolor with temperature changes. ⁠Considering quartz countertops and not sure where to start? Check out the six pro tips to selecting quartz when renovating your kitchen.


Granite will only scratch by material harder than the countertops. Material harder than your countertops include sapphire, topaz, and diamonds. What many people feel is a scratch on granite, is actually etching. Etching is when acidic juices, wine, coffee, soda, bleach, and ammonia are left on the countertop for a long period of time. ⁠

Quartz countertops are hard---in fact, it's pretty difficult to scratch them. Yet--it is still possible. Quartz products are not bulletproof. ⁠


Granite and quartz are not resistant to chemicals---stains from food, cleaning supplies and more can cause issues. Regular cleaning with mild soap or detergent and a soft cloth is important. ⁠

Pro Tip : Remember to check your countertop warranty. Some quartz products have a warranty that transfers to the next homeowner ---Such as Cambria USA.

There are pros and cons to both natural stone and quartz---make sure you understand the difference when looking at options for your kitchen remodel. Remember to ask your fabricator detailed questions about all products. It is okay to take your time when selecting this important element to your kitchen. Not only will it be involved in much of the visual design, function and durability always come first.


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