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How to Pick the Perfect White Kitchen Cabinet Color. And Get It Right the First Time.

Paint color decisions can be overwhelming---especially the color for your cabinets.

No pressure at all, right?

Cabinet refacing or cabinet painting has been a huge game changer in the kitchen remodel industry. Many times we can pick from any paint color, not just a few preset factory selections.

Here are a few quick idea to aid in the cabinet color selection process. As always, when you work with Overland Park based Hampton Surface Design, we send you FREE large size samples of all colors you are considering.

Look at your trim. We almost always go with this color for cabinets, if the trim is white or cream. To truly see your trim color—hold a piece of white paper next to it. It’s not always as bright white as you might think.

Trim color determines 80% of all color choices on a kitchen remodel
Trim color determines 80% of all color choices on a kitchen remodel

Samples Paint your samples on cardboard, never on your walls---And never ever directly on your cabinets. (Please no!) Move the samples around. Look at them night and day. Need a few samples---we send all our Hampton Surface Design clients in FREE samples if you are located in the Kansas City area. Some can even be overnighted.

Learn the undertone.There are blue-whites (Pure White, Pearly White and Decorators White) and Yellow Whites (Navajo, Antique, White Dove). They can even lean pink and green. If you can't see the undertones, hold up a few white samples together. When sending samples to clients, many times we send the wrong colors as well. It makes picking the white cabinet color so much easier!

Work with Hampton Surface Design We take the stress out of choosing the perfect white. We always offer a full cabinet color consult before every project. Edesign color consultations as well as color samples are on us. Just say no to picking paint from a small color chip. Looking for a color consult for the rest of your home? Start following our side kick

Ready to remodel and need some help?

Grab our free Kitchen Remodel Live in the Kansas City area and want direct project help?


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