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Five Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid Before it's too Late!

Mistakes are part of life. Bad ex boyfriends or cutting your own bangs—sound familiar?

But mistakes in your kitchen remodel are a little more long term—and HSD has seen a few lately. Remember, it is better to have a complete plan including strategy, design, budget and schedule before starting your renovation project. Grab our FREE kitchen remodel guide for best tips when working with Hampton Surface Design.

Coordinated Color Scheme.

Countertops and backsplash with cool grey undertones in a warm beige home, don’t make the cut. Cool blues are common in many grey hard surfaces, be careful pairing with greige, beige. Other pairings that don’t work—violet purples mixed into warm beige homes. If your trim is very yellow already, and you want grey walls, you must opt for a green grey not a blue grey. If you go with a cool grey your walls may end up looking baby blue.

A coordinated color scheme can make or break a remodel vision
A coordinated color scheme can make or break a remodel vision

Busy Backsplash

Avoid pairing pattern on pattern—which creates a very busy and visually uncomfortable look in your kitchen. Backsplash tile is important---after all, that space is right in the line of site, and you will be looking at it for years. Simple and minimal lines make a strong—aesthetically pleasing statement. Your backsplash is a functional part of the kitchen but also connects the countertops to the cabinetry.

Stacked Kitchen Tile

Large Islands

Kitchen islands are always part of everyone’s dream kitchen. Remember you must have a minimum of 42” in front of appliances. Yes, doors must be able to open. No appliances? 36 “ is a great standard. If your space is not big enough for an island you cannot squeeze on into the space. It will not work. The flow and use of your kitchen will be hindered and make your kitchen an uncomfortable and poorly functioning space.

Know your space limitations when planning your kitchen remodel
Sometimes a smaller island is the perfect fit.

Being Unprepared

When you remodel your kitchen, it's like having a second job. You need to keep track of your contractor's schedule, make alternative plans for family meals, and don't forget your pets. Here are six quick tips for kitchen remodel newbies, a great guide if you are working with cabinet refacing or planning a bigger renovation project

Create a renovation schedule

Hiring the Wrong Painter

Repainting a surface that was not correctly painted is not an easy fix. In fact, it will cost you twice as much to repair poor work. From stripping the base cabinetry to purchasing all new doors---this will hurt your bottom line. A kitchen island that cost $1500 to paint may now cost $3k to repair. Total cost $4500. Check reviews, check references and ask lots of questions. Read our blog about hiring a cabinet painter with experience.

Your painted cabinets should look like fine furniture, not orange peel
Your painted cabinets should look like fine furniture, not orange peel


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