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Six Tips for Kitchen Remodel Newbies

At HSD, we try to clarify and explain the process and expectations as much as as possible----but construction is something one has to experience to understand. As hard as all of the teams and vendors work, there are always revisions, changes, schedule delays, unexpected changes.

Deep breath.

Here's our top six bits of advice for the kitchen remodel newbies

1. Tell your boss and coworkers: Not just because your excited, but because there might be a day you need to leave work early. Perhaps a shipment has arrived and the material doesn't look correct. That grey you picked out---might now look baby blue and we need you to verify the color before we paint the entire downstairs. Make yourself available.

2. Allow the team to work----but also set up a designated space where you do not want anyone. You will need some alone time. Having workers in your home daily does get exhausting. Make sure to tell the team how early and late they can work. Schedules are important. However be flexible---some days we need to push a little longer so the next day goes smooth.

Create a construction schedule
Create a construction schedule

3. Understand how long a kitchen remodel can take---our refinish team take a week or less. However, we still have countertops, backsplash, modifications and more. Remodels take time. Prep takes the longest---but don't worry, eventually we will start painting. Be patient if you want it done right.

4. Meow! Make a plan for your pet. We love seeing so many fur babies---I think I saw 3 golden doodles in one day last week. But when it's time to get down to business, dogs and cats need a safe place away from the chaos. Our team is in and out of the house through the day, we want to make sure no little one's escape. Doggie day care, grandma's house or simply a room in the basement---all great pet plans.

Find a safe place for your pets during your kitchen remodel

5. Set up a snack and coffee bar---if you have an extra sink or refrigerator, fantastic! Create a comfortable space for daily snacks and caffeine. We have had clients move the microwave to the bedroom or simply set up an extra table in another room.

6. Be flexible. However, I promise you---the schedule will shift. Sometimes our teams are asked to add additional work on a project, sometimes material doesn't arrive, and all of our team members have families and kiddos (just like you and me---in other words---life happens). Understand contractors are juggling around twenty other clients, and are all doing their best.

For those that have lived (and survived) through a remodel---kitchen, bathroom or maybe even a full house project---what is the best advice you can give to someone who has never gone through a construction project?

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