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Glow Up: Light Your Kansas City Home Right

Lighting dilemma, anyone? 🌟

Today’s the day you conquer the lighting selection maze!

[BOOKMARK THIS GEM] Unveiling ‘7 Steps to Perfect Pendant Lighting Choices’

Drowning in a sea of options? Many of our clients get stuck on lights (this and tile…)

We’ve all been there, scrolling endlessly...

Here’s your escape plan:

* Budget Boundaries: Set your ceiling price and dismiss anything over it.

* Size it Right: Aim for 1/3 of your island’s size. Say goodbye to mismatched sizes.

* Hang in Style: Cord, chain, or rod - pick your preference, ditch the rest.

* Define the Purpose: Task or aesthetic? Focus on your need.

* Shade vs Globe: Time for the ultimate choice.

* Style Sync: Ensure harmony with your home’s vibe. Farmhouse doesn’t mix with transitional.

* Trial Twins: Order your top two. Always check the return policy. Let the unboxing joy guide you!

Remember, size is key in the game of lights.

📐 Don’t gamble, measure for success!

Something to consider,


P.S. Revolutionize your remodeling journey! Say ‘GUIDE’ for your essential remodeling handbook, featuring the Design Matrix and Priorities Matrix, tailored just for you!


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