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Six Pro Tips to Picking Quartz Countertops

Quartz is the most common surface HSD has been installing this year, for our Kansas City Kitchen remodels. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, quartz countertops are taking the number one position across the US.

Walking into a a slab yard to choose quartz countertops is stressful. In fact, some of our clients are so overwhelmed it literally freezes the entire project. No one wants to make a mistake on a remodel---and picking the wrong quartz is an expensive one, right?

Cambria Kansas City
Cambria Ironsbridge

I always choose my countertops first in a project and then jump to paint and tile color.

Here are six tips I use when choosing quartz countertops

Tip 1: Look at Your Trim Color

The base color of most quartz countertops is brighter white. Homes undergoing a remodel are generally ten years or older. Trim has ambered from the original paint job. This also takes us back to the tuscan wall era of the 1990s and early 2000s. Lots of trim was painted Sherwin Williams Navajo White or Dover White. This very yellow trim color does not always pair well with a bright white quart. In fact, I spoke with a client today about trim painted Benjamin Moore Papaya.

  • Bring a large sample of the trim color with you to shop countertops. If you have already painted a cabinet in your home the trim color, take a door or drawer. Need to order a large color sample? Try

  • Grab a brighter white paint sample as well. A good option is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Sometimes you need to bring a handful (two or three..) of whites to see the right one.

Compare the different quartz options. You will notice some are much brighter white than others. A recent favorite pairing with a creamy trim color is Cambria's Colton or Portrush, pictured below.

Cambria Quartz Countertops
Cambria Quartz Countertops

If you really love a brighter white countertop, consider painting your trim. Spending a chunk of change on trim paint is not exciting and glamorous ( at all!!! ). But your new trim color will impact absolutely every decision you make. It's a chance to truly start fresh and officially breakaway from your 90s kitchen. Average cost to repaint trim, doors, window frames and door frames for one level averages between $4-6k. This does not include wall or ceiling paint.

Tip 2: Look at Patterns

We chatted a bit about base colors. Now look at the quartz pattern. As you walk through a showroom or two---do you see the difference in patterns? What type of pattern do you love and what pattern do you want to avoid? Some patterns even have a little bling---if you want to add a little dazzle.

Quartz Countertop Kansas City
MSI Quartz Countertop

  • Do you prefer a heavy pattern with lots of movement?

  • Do you want your countertops to mimic Carrara marble?

  • Are you looking for solid coloration? Notice the veins. Some are thick and more opaque while others are soft and translucent.

  • Study the coloration and undertones of veining and pattern. Some veines are cooler blue grays and others are greige and brown.

Tip 3: Process of Elimination

Walk through the countertop showroom and write down all of your favorites. Sometimes I will do three or four laps around quartz in one visit. You will literally be walking in circles---so wear comfortable shoes that day. I like to walk the aisles and make my first list of favorites. Go down every aisle---even granite and quartzite. Look at everything.

Kitchen Remodel Overland Park
We used both granite and quartzite in this kitchen remodel.

HSD Tip: Many, many.....many times I have had clients tell me they absolutely want quartz and change to a soft granite when trim is very creamy yellow. Clients will also walk into a showroom determined to pick natural stone, and walk away in LOVE with man made quartz. You really will never know what your favorite countertop will be---so keep an open mind and look at everything.

Now take a second look ---Can you start eliminating a few options? You may need to go back and fourth a few times. Try to get your main list down to two to three best selections.

Once you have your list of faves, you will receive pricing. There can be a price difference of $1-2K+ on a midrange slab. Sometimes that helps us make a decision right there, doesn't?!

Tip 4: Grab a Sample

Ask for samples and look at the coloration at home. Just like paint samples, you will need to look at the countertop sample in the morning, afternoon and evening light. Make sure your samples have all colors representing the quartz countertop. You will need this sample to help you tile shop next.

Revere Pewter Cabinets with Quartz Countertops
Revere Pewter Cabinets with Quartz Countertops


Don't feel rushed to make a decision on countertops. Take a breather and plan on visiting the showroom for a second visit in a week or two. Attempt to make a decision at that point. Once you start questioning the process and selections, and looking at too many quartz countertop options-- remodel overwhelm catches hold. It also slows down the process as we still have tile, paint colors and many more decisions to go.


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