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Featured Kitchen Remodeling Project | A perfect work triangle is achieved with the sink, trash, and cooktop in the Rivermarket

Pictured | The sink, trash and cooktop make a perfect work triangle in this Rivermarket kitchen.

(Plus the faucet is perfection)

When it comes to timeless kitchen layouts, the key is to prioritize efficient workflow and functionality. If it's just a beautiful kitchen, that isn't functional---you will not be happy with your renovation.

Work Flow

A fundamental and effective approach to kitchen workflow is the concept of the work triangle. This design strategically places the three primary workstations - the sink, stove, and refrigerator - in a triangular pattern. This layout is centered around efficient workflow, facilitating effortless movement and reducing superfluous steps during meal preparation.

Timeless Layouts

Timeless kitchen layouts are all about championing the cause of abundant counter space. It's like a mantra we hear from clients during kitchen remodel consultations: "I need more countertop space!"

Fear not, counter space crusaders – TRS has got you covered!

These layouts ensure you have enough room not just for chopping and mixing but also for that inevitable collection of gadgets, coffee cups, and the odd kitchen dance move. With our designs, you can say goodbye to cluttered counters and hello to a spacious stage for your culinary performances.

Kitchen Island? Yes, please!

In the heart of The Remodel Studio's designs in Kansas City, kitchen islands aren't just a feature; they're the social hub of your culinary universe. Think of these islands as the Swiss Army knife in your Remodel Studio kitchen – versatile, functional, and always ready for action.

Whether it's dicing veggies, hosting an impromptu wine tasting, or busting a move while the pasta boils, our islands are designed to be the heart of your home.

In our Kansas City kitchen remodels, we make sure these islands are not just additional counters, but vibrant stages for family gatherings, friendly catch-ups, and those spontaneous kitchen dance-offs!

Storage Options

Another key element in kitchen design is finding the right balance between open and closed storage solutions. In timeless kitchen layouts, there's a thoughtful combination of both. Closed cabinets provide the essential, clutter-free storage space, while open shelving offers the perfect spot to showcase your favorite kitchenware and decorative pieces.

This blend ensures both functionality and a touch of personal style in your kitchen.

Embark on a Kitchen Renovation Journey with The Remodel Studio

Navigating the world of kitchen remodeling can be complex, but avoiding common mistakes is crucial for transforming your vision into reality. Knowledge is your most powerful tool in this process, helping you sidestep pitfalls and move towards a successful renovation. The Remodel Studio in Kansas City is your trusted partner for a kitchen makeover that's seamless and stress-free.

If you're ready to get started on your kitchen remodel journey – let's schedule a consultation –so your dream kitchen can become reality!


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