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Hire Cabinet Painting Experts with Experience

Hiring the right cabinet painting company is confusing. Everyone has their own idea of best product and practice. Here are a few tips to look for when hiring the best cabinet painters with experience. Knowing the right questions to ask leads to stress free project.

Time In Business

It goes beyond spraying cabinets. The cabinets HSD refinishes now look better than the cabinets we refinished five years ago. There are many details that must be considered and it simply takes time learning them on a job site. We have gone to numerous seminars and training, learning best practices and techniques and studying with some of the best cabinet painters in the industry.

Experience includes how to run a jobsite, what questions to ask and what to look for on a kitchen project review. Attention to detail is critical. We know to ask about hardware, hinges or the option to build new doors.

HSD has been in business as a full time paint contracting company for 20 years. We started this business in 2000 in Pensacola Florida and we took it on the road to Des Moines Iowa and then down south to Kansas City. Our work has been seen in award winning parade of homes for six years straight and published internationally. We have worked on hundreds of homes. We really know paint.


The absolutely most important part of the process is prep. Taping of properly, protecting floors and preparing the surface for paint. It is the part of the project that takes the longest---you generally do not see us painting on day one or two.

Great questions to ask:

  • How long does prep take?

  • What do you use to protect floors?

  • What kind of sanders are being used?

  • How are cabinets being cleaned prior to paint?

HSD upgraded this year to Surfprep sanding systems for most cabinet painting projects. These pro tools g

o beyond sanding with a regular hand sander. The Surfprep sander has a foam cushion that

curves around the edges of cabinetry. It allows for even pressure by the user. Our crew also avoids user fatigue. When you have user fatigue---you have uneven prep and sanding.

Our floors also no longer are covered with Rosin paper. While a strong material, we upgraded to roofing underlayment for top protection. All cabinets are cleaned, degreased and deglossed on site---because we want you to see the entire process.


Cabinets deserve to be sprayed and not brushed and rolled. The quality of a top tier cabinet finish mimics a fine furniture. You simply cannot achieve the same look with brush and roll.

Make sure to ask for samples to see spray quality. Finishes should be smooth with no apparent orange peel texture. Many paint companies will spray their doors off site and brush and roll frames and drawers. With proper prep and masking, spraying inside your kitchen is no problem and always recommended.

Primer is critical and should never be skipped. Using a top tier product is also critical. At HSD we use top European Coatings as well as as high quality products used only in the trade of cabinet refinishing. We do not use any over the counter products.


A cabinet refinish job should take one week or less, for the average size kitchen. HSD is absolutely finishes everything onsite. We do not take your doors back to a shop and return them weeks later. Moving doors back and forth causes the joints to move and can increase damage.

We also want you to see our entire process---from prep to primer and from sanding between coats to the final finish. You have more control over the project as a homeowner when you see the work being completed daily. It's a great opportunity to get to know our crew and ask questions about the process.

HSD uses full size cabinet drying racks made just for cabinet doors. The racks take up as much space as dining room table and will hold ALL the doors from your kitchen. These are similar to racks that hold art work to dry from art class. We do not spread out your doors on ladders or drop clothes.

Ready to learn more about cabinet refacing and cabinet painting?


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