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Remodel are not the only KC homeowner who feels this way.


Embarking on a Kansas City home renovation is thrilling but daunting.

You’re not alone!

The NUMBER ONE RULE: planning a remodel is as crucial as the remodel itself. Repeat 3x. Planning can take just as long as construction. (Really!)

Red Flags:

🚩Avoid contracts without a development plan.

🚩Avoid contractors offering vague allowances.

At TRS, we’ve crafted the Essential Checklist, simplifying your KC remodel into easy steps. Part of our project development process, it’s your key to a smooth renovation.

SAVE THIS POST. If you’re working with us as your full-service GC, we’ve got you covered:

* Dream & Scheme: Visualize your space. Protip: Time limit!

* Budget Blueprint: Clear budget + 20% contingency.

* Design Dazzle: Sketch existing and proposed conditions.

* Budget vs. Reality: Align plans with finances.

* Scope Symphony: Define every detail.

* Document Deep Dive: Align docs with scope.

* Design Feasibility: Ensure design is buildable within budget.

* Functionality Fusion: Ensure practicality.

* Mood Board Myth-Busting: Designs ≠ mood boards.

* Engineer’s Examination: Crucial site visit.

* Permit Pursuit: Secure necessary permits early.

* Inspection Interaction: Schedule inspections.

* Numbers Nitty-Gritty: Budget meeting.

* Value Engineer Victory: Descope to stay on budget.

* Team Talent: Choose your expert team.

* Trades’ Day Triumph: Contractor-managed trades day.

* Risk Radar: Mitigate potential issues.

* Change Order Chatter: Know the change order policy.

* Timeline Tact: Respect the fluid schedule.

* Project Pathfinder: Understand your PM’s role.

* Daily Discovery: Regular inspections.

* Trade Trajectory Check: Ensure trade alignment.

* Clean & Serene: Know job site maintenance.

* Client Consult: Understand feedback processes.

* Visual Validation: 3D renders with construction docs.

* Pre-Construction Powwow: Critical onboarding meeting.

* Happy Handover: Tools hit the job site.

* Cheers & Celebration: Successful remodel! 🥳


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