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The TRS Story

We help homeowners transform and revive existing kitchens into fabulous, functional spaces through design and construction.  It's what we love.


Creating a cohesive renovation design plan --mixing existing elements with fresh new design components-- is where we shine.  


When it's time for construction to happen-- details  and communication matter most when  managing a project. Most of our client's have never remodeled a kitchen before. We want to create a confident experience where homeowners can trust us in the vision and execution of the project. 

Julie Hampton | Owner & Founder 

Elevating Home Renovations 

In my two-plus decades in the construction industry, and now leading The Remodel Studio, I've been driven by a core mission: to redefine the standard in home renovation and design. We've evolved from a focused renovation service to a leader in comprehensive design and build solutions.

We firmly believe in our design-build approach. This method ensures homeowners benefit from a unified team, offering full transparency and accountability throughout the renovation process. Our one-team strategy guarantees seamless communication and efficiency, making us the ideal choice for homeowners seeking reliability and excellence in transforming their living spaces.


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It's time to put your ideas into action and fully commit to the goal of creating your dream home. Schedule time to discuss your project 

Enjoy a stress-free, professional evaluation of your project without any cost or obligation.

Construction Core Beliefs 


Knowledge is the cornerstone of transformation, empowering homeowners to create spaces that resonate deeply with their vision and lifestyle.


Design with soul transforms a house into a home, reflecting the unique character and essence of those who inhabit it.


Every renovation is an opportunity for impactful change, creating spaces that enhance both functionality and quality of life.

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