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You have a vision, but what does a remodeling really cost? 

The cost of remodeling varies widely, influenced by factors like project scope, material choices, and design complexities. Our commitment is to provide you with detailed, accurate investment expectations upfront, Whether it's a kitchen update, a bathroom overhaul, or a complete home transformation, we're here to guide you through the financial aspects of your project, balancing your vision with a realistic budget to achieve the best possible outcome for your home.

The TRS Guarantee: Our promise to Kansas City homeowners is unwavering: we hold our team accountable to both your budget and vision, ensuring every decision aligns with your expectations.


At The Remodel Studio, we avoid over-designing and refrain from using allowances before finalizing a contract.


We firmly believe in establishing a precise scope of work and finalizing material selections before commencing any build. This approach guarantees that we deliver on our commitment to your project's success, respecting both your financial boundaries and design aspirations. before signing a contract or move into a build without exact scope of work and material selections. 

Can you come out and give us an estimate? 

Start with a convenient Zoom consultation with TRS, directly with our company's owner--Julie Hampton.


We'll discuss your vision and provide an initial cost range –  Our Zoom meetings are flexible, available early mornings, evenings, or even on your lunch break.

(Our clients love the convenience!)


If we find common ground virtually, we'll follow up with an in-person visit to your home.


It’s a seamless process to ensure we align with your expectations right from the start.


Ready to take the first step? Schedule your session now and let's explore the possibilities for your space!

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