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Kitchen Estimate Guide 

Our clear investment guide is here to demystify the expenses involved. Kitchen renovation costs are nuanced, influenced by various factors, and tend to rise annually. At The Remodel Studio, we customize each kitchen project to align with your budget, style preferences, and how you envision using your space. Let’s discuss crafting a kitchen that not only meets your immediate needs but also serves as a smart investment in your home's future.

Included: our broad range estimates are all aspects to complete the project including 

general contracting services, design services, construction documents,  permits, labor, materials such as cabinets, countertops flooring, countertops, plumbing & electrical fixtures and more. 

Excluded: All Appliances

*The vast majority of our kitchen remodels are Silver or Gold. 

Dream Big, Plan Smart:
Understanding the TRS Remodel Tiers


The Bronze, Silver, and Gold designations are primarily used as a framework to communicate comfortable investment levels for your remodel, rather than fixed packages. They serve as a starting point to understand your budget range and the type of materials and finishes you can expect at each level.


During our consultation, we'll discuss your specific needs and preferences in detail. This way, we can tailor a remodeling plan that aligns with your budget, whether that falls within the Bronze, Silver, or Gold range, or a customized blend of elements from each.


Our aim as your partner in construction is to create a safe and secure environment and   to ensure clarity and comfort with your investment, helping you make informed decisions about your remodel.



Starting at 80k+

  • Builder grade selections 

  • Use existing layout

  • Existing flooring to remain

  • No Incremental Electrical Fixtures

  • Appliances Remain In Existing Locations

  • Stock Cabinetry or Cabinet Refacing

  • Level 1 Countertops (Granite/Quartz)

  • Level 1 Plumbing Fixtures

  • Level 1 Tile Backsplash




Starting at 100k+

  • Mid-Level Finishes, Small Changes To Space

  • Cabinetry Layout Modifications Allowed Within Existing Space

  • Refinish Existing Hardwood Floors

  • Minor Electrical Changes, Add Venthood

  • Appliances May Move To Other Locations

  • Semi-Custom Cabinetry

  • Level 2 Countertops (Granite/Quartz)

  • Level 2 Plumbing Fixtures

  • Level 2 Tile Backsplash



Starting at 130k+

  • High-End Finishes, Significant Changes To Space

  • Remove Existing Walls To Accommodate Expanded Kitchen Design

  • New Flooring In Kitchen

  • Entirely New Electrical Layout

  • Appliances May Move To Other Locations

  • Custom Cabinetry

  • Exotic Natural Stone or Quartz Countertops

  • Level 3 Plumbing Fixtures

  • Full Height Splash or Level 3 tile backsplash

Can you come out and give us an estimate? 

Start with a convenient Zoom consultation with TRS, directly with our company's owner--Julie Hampton.


We'll discuss your vision and provide an initial cost range –  Our Zoom meetings are flexible, available early mornings, evenings, or even on your lunch break.

(Our clients love the convenience!)


If we find common ground virtually, we'll follow up with an in-person visit to your home.


It’s a seamless process to ensure we align with your expectations right from the start.


Ready to take the first step? Schedule your session now and let's explore the possibilities for your space!

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