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Choose The Remodel Studio as your kitchen remodeling contractor in Kansas City...

Creating Kitchens That
are Actually Lived In

At The Remodel Studio, we believe that a kitchen is more than a place for cooking – it's a vibrant hub for sharing, creating, and living. 

Imagine a kitchen where family mornings start with laughter around a cozy breakfast nook, afternoons see you bustling around an expansive counter with your baking endeavors, and evenings bring everyone together at a versatile island for meals and chats.


We're dedicated to crafting kitchens that not only meet your aesthetic desires but also enhance the daily experiences of you and your family.

Does this sound like you?

"My Kitchen is From the 90s, But I Love My Neighborhood."

We get it. At TRS, we specialize in modernizing outdated kitchens while preserving the charm and comfort of your beloved home. Our goal is to refresh your space, making it more functional and contemporary, without losing the essence of what makes your home special. You do not need to move--stay and enjoy your home in a new light. You may actually save money versus buying a new home. 

"I Need Smart Storage for All My Kitchen Gadgets"

During our design process, we meticulously evaluate the functionality of your kitchen. Our goal is to craft custom storage solutions that perfectly fit your lifestyle, ensuring every utensil and appliance has its place. This thoughtful planning leads to a kitchen that's not only organized and clutter-free but also a joy to use every day."

"I Want My Kitchen to be a Family Gathering Spot."

That's exactly our aim. We design kitchens to be warm and inviting, #joyfactor ---crafting spaces that naturally draw your family and friends in, making it the central hub of your home. Did you know people who remodel their kitchens tend to eat at home more? Those who love their environments tend to socialize more. 


A remodel strategy as simple as your morning coffee...making renovations clear, calm...and surprisingly uncomplicated.

Why Choose The Remodel Studio For Your Kitchen Renovation? Our preconstruction process says it all. 

As seasoned experts in home remodeling, we recognize the immense possibilities within your kitchen. Whether you're contemplating subtle updates or envisioning a complete kitchen transformation, our team at The Remodel Studio is dedicated to elevating your cooking and dining area from satisfactory to spectacular through our comprehensive kitchen renovation process.

Craving a Kitchen Makeover? Have You Checked Out Our Professional Kitchen Renovation Services in Kansas City Yet?
One comprehensive team for your remodel. 

As your kitchen transformation unfolds, we ensure you're always in the loop with our progress. Our dedicated team, based right here in Kansas City, is committed to timely and efficient execution of your project. We understand that kitchen remodeling requires patience, which is why we set realistic timelines and prioritize your project to avoid any delays. Our goal is to make your dream kitchen a reality, with a focus on quality and client satisfaction every step of the way.

Affordable Kansas City
Kitchen Designer Services 

Opt for our Affordable Kansas City Kitchen Designer Services and avoid the complexity of coordinating with separate designers, contractors, draftsmen, and architects.


Our approach consolidates your entire kitchen remodel process into one cohesive, 42-step preconstruction plan before tools hit the jobsite.


With The Remodel Studio, you get a unified team dedicated to your project, ensuring accountability and a streamlined experience. One team, one remodel, all focused on delivering your vision with precision and care.


Cabinets & Countertops 

Step into the spotlight with cabinets and countertops that make your kitchen shine! Whether it’s the sleek charm of modern aesthetics or the cozy allure of traditional designs, these essentials are your kitchen's fashion statement. Mix practicality with pizzazz to create a space that's not just a kitchen, but a masterpiece of your making.


Elevate your kitchen’s style with a backsplash that speaks volumes. It's your kitchen's accent piece, offering both protection and panache. Go bold with vibrant patterns or classic with subtle elegance. Either way, it’s the perfect backdrop to your culinary adventures.


Electrical & Plumbing 

Illuminate and equip your kitchen with lighting and plumbing that blend functionality with flair. Picture bright task lights that make prep a breeze and ambient lighting that sets the evening mood. Add stylish faucets and sinks that do more than just wash dishes; they wash your kitchen in sophistication.

How much does a kitchen remodel realistically cost? 

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